ETSB Members


Effingham County 911 Members

The Emergency Telephone System Act 50 ILCS 750/15.4 gives the powers for the Emergency Telephone System Board which are appointed by the Effingham County Board. State Statute defines the make-up of the board which shall consist of not fewer than 5 members, one of whom must be a public member who is a resident of the local 911 exchange service, one member must be a county board member, and at least 3 of whom shall be represented of the 9-1-1 public safety agencies, including but not limited to police departments, fire departments, emergency medical services providers, and emergency services and disaster agencies, and appointed on the basis of their ability or experience. 

The Effingham County Board appoints a 9 member board to oversee the 911 system for Effingham County. Pictured are the following  Emergency Telephone System Board (ETSB) Members which serve various terms.

Dave Campbell Paul Kuhns Jake Buhnerkempe
Chairman   Treasurer
Dave Mahon David Budde Jason McFarland
John Maguire Larry Thies Brant Yochum
Equipment/PSAP Human Resources Addressing
Jake Buhnerkempe Dave Campbell Brant Yochum
John Maguire Jason McFarland Dave Mahon
Jason McFarland Dave Mahon Dave Budde
Finance Public Education Emergency Services
Jake Buhnerkempe John Maguire Brant Yochum
Dave Campbell Dave Budde Larry Thies
Paul Kuhns Larry Thies Paul Kuhns