Effingham County 911 Addressing


The Effingham County Addressing Office provides a comprehensive and uniform system of permanent road addresses for all residences and businesses throughout the County in order to facilitate provision of adequate public safety and emergency response services.  It is further designed to benefit the United States Postal Service, local business owners and individual citizens in locating properties and buildings.

Applicants are not asked to provide a property sketch so please see that the property description is as complete as possible, providing information such as the names and addresses of neighbors, the name of the street the structure will face, and the relative location where the driveway intersects the road.

  • A physical address can be applied for as soon as the driveway has been established or flags have been placed to mark where the driveway will be located.
  • Vacant land will not receive a physical address.
  • A physical address will be needed to establish electric service.


To contact the Effingham County Addressing Office, phone Jill Zerrusen at 217/342-8450.